Replacements, returns, claims

Claims of damaged packages and defects in the quality of goods

If goods are damaged during transit, please send them back together with a copy of the received invoice and with a the damage protocol that has been drawn up with a courier and includes a detailed description of reasons of claim. If the package has been damaged, you should ask a courier to draw up a damage protocol and send us the original together with the damaged package (it must be done on the date of delivery!). Please notify us immediately. If the delivered good or package bears signs of mechanical damage and the damage protocol has not been drawn up in the presence of the courier, the claim of such damage is unjustified and will not be subject to liability for damages.

NOTE: In order to justify your damage, you must send the damaged package immediately together with the original of the damage protocol and inform our Complaints Department about this event. The item will be replaced for the product of full value. If it is impossible, you will receive a refund.

In case of complaints regarding quality defects of goods, we will replace it for a new product or give you a refund equal to the price of a damaged good immediately after receiving a package with damage protocol and accepting a complaint. The damage protocol is also available on our websites.

Any complaints related to the Products or the implementation of the Sales Agreement, the Customer must submit in writing to the address of the Seller via KAMAR Compaint Form, which Customer can find under following link:

The Seller within 14 days from the date of delivery of the request containing the complaint, will address the complaint of the Product or complaint related to the implementation of the Purchase Agreement notified by the Customer.

The claimed Product should be delivered or sent to the Seller's address. In the case of the Customer being a Consumer, the delivery cost is covered by the Seller.

To submit a complaint, the Customer must use the KAMAR Complaint Form posted on the Shop Website. In the complaint, the Customer should include a description of the problem. The Seller shall promptly, but no later than within 14 days, consider complaints and give the Customer a reply. If the complaint will be send in other form than KAMAR Complaint Form, Seller reserves a right to extend 14 days mentioned above till the time of the full verification of the complained product and the cause of complain.

NOTE: The parts offered in the webshop are designed to be mounted in professional workshops. Please keep in mind that we do not accept any cash on delivery parcels.

All information regarding the status of your complaint may be obtained only via email address:

Replacement of not matching parts

If the purchased parts do not match (e.g. because of their manufacturing or secondary modifications) and have been correctly selected (by our consultants on the basis of the information about vehicle and the information from parts manufacturer), please inform us immediately about it. NOTE: the goods may be returned to us only in accordance with the below instruction or exchanged for other within 10 days from receiving a package. WE WILL REPLACE THE ITEM as soon as possible (provided that the items to be replaced does not have any signs of use) and send the package on our cost. If the product will be send back without a proper packaging preventing the original packaging from damage or the signs of mounting the replaced part will be observed, the product will be send back through a courier service paid for by the receiver.

The replacement will be made according to availability of the product in our shop. If the particular car accessories or spare parts are not available, we reserve the right to make a refund to the bank account that has been indicated by the Client. If the Client resigns form replacement of not matching parts, i.e. purchasing the right ones, and returns them without replacing, the shop reserves the right to demand the fee for delivery of the order delivered with the ‘free delivery’ option.

NOTE: Returns and replacements of goods (regardless of reason) may be made only if the goods were not used/mounted. They must be in their original, undamaged packaging without any notes, signatures or additional tape on the box. The returned goods should be packed properly in order to prevent any damage during transport. The sender is responsible for sending goods in a proper way. In order to have your return accepted by P.P.H. Kamar Sp.j., you must submit a declaration of withdrawal from a purchase contract, i.e. the fully completed return form (link to download). The cost of delivery of the returned, properly selected (according to original producers’ catalogues) must be paid by the orderer. An equivalent of the returned item will be paid to the Client’s bank account. Please send the package together with the completed return form. The cost of sending back the returned goods will not be returned. In the case of obtaining the shop’s approval for a conditional replacement of the delivered goods or their return after the deadline (i.e. after 10 days), we reserve the option to demand a part of fee related to return procedures.


If you want to resign from your purchases in our shop (regardless of reason), it is possible to return the parts within 14 days after the delivery date and you do not have to specify the reason (not including the parts that are personally collected from our self collection point in Bydgoszcz). This is according to the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and the liability for damages caused by a hazardous product.

Please remember that the product returned in this way will only be accepted if sent back in its original, undamaged packaging with its entire content. The product and accessories must not be damaged and must not have any signs of use or mounting. The packaging of the returned part must not be taped in any way and must be properly secured in order to prevent damages in transport.

The goods can be returned within 14 days after the delivery date only. Any returns must be notified in advance via email to the customer service. In the case of obtaining the shop’s approval for a return after 14 days (i.e. after 14 days), we reserve the option to demand a part of fee related to return procedures.

Electric and electronic parts, as well as liquids may not be returned.

Only the Consumers are entitled to return the products. If the product has been purchased for the needs of the company, the legal entities and the self-employed persons do not have the right to return the products.

NOTE: In order to have your replacement or return accepted, it is absolutely necessary that:

the part must be in perfect condition (not used, without any signs of mounting)

the good must be complete and undamaged.

the part may only be returned in its original packaging. The packaging must be undamaged and without any notes, signatures or additional tape on the box. It must not have any additional protective stickers.

before sending, the packaging must be placed in an additional protective box/carton to protect the product and its original packaging during transport. Please make sure that the heavy and sensitive parts will not move and the entire contents is stranded.

the part must be returned together with a return form.

Our store WILL NOT ACCEPT any returned parts without an additional protective packaging of their original packaging, with any tapes, stickers, bills of lading, notes or signatures on the original packaging. We will not accept also the products which have been damaged during the return transport from the Client.

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